Sunday, September 18, 2016

He stills...


Besides my patio, my other happy place is the beach. The feel of the sand beneath my feet. The warmth of the sun on my cheeks. The salt air breeze blowing my hair. The sound of the waves. Ahhh... My heart smiles just thinking about it. I could sit on the beach for hours on end, day after day, and never tire of it.

Watching the waves roll in and roll back out just fascinates me. Some of the waves are slow and gentle. Some are loud and crashing. Sometimes a few shells wash up with the water. Often a shell or two gets carried back to the depths of the sea. Once in a while, I'll see a crab or jellyfish wash ashore. The grains of sand shift and the patterns in the sand change with each and every wave that rolls in and back out.

That's how life is as well. It is constantly changing. We never seem to know what will wash up into our lives. The things that roll out are out of our control. Patterns and plans change and restructure more often than we can keep up with.

While things seem so uncertain to us, the same God that orchestrates the crashing of the waves and designs the intricate patterns of sand is the same God who has a Master plan for us as well. Just as He stills the roaring of the waves, He stills the tumults of our hearts.

In Psalm 65:7, it tells us that He stills the roaring of the waves and the tumults of the people. Why? Verse 8 says "so that those who dwell at the ends of the earth are in awe at your signs." ‭

My heart could be in full blown tumult and chaos at any given time if I let it! It doesn't take much sometimes for my mind and heart to run away on a crazy rabbit trail!! That's when I have to make a conscious choice to keep them reigned in, and choose to let Him keep my mind and heart on Him.

Several have asked how I've been able to stay so positive over the last few years. It's all because He calms the "tumultuous seas" of my heart. When I get fretful of the next "jellyfish" that might wash ashore or the next beautiful "shell" that rolls just out of reach, He stills my heart because I choose to let Him still me. And maybe, just maybe, because of that, those who dwell at the ends of the earth...and those close beside me...will be in awe of Him.


  1. Another great post! A good reminder to let God still us.

  2. Thank you, Lisa. Yes, He alone can truly still us.

  3. My dear friend, Once again, you are revealing your heart to us and the Lord through your writing. I'm encouraged by your "ponderings" about the ocean, beach watching and life as you are experiencing it. I'm so glad God is revealing to you the Truth of His word. It is AWE-SOME! Love and prayers for my long time friend and sister in Christ. PSW

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